Dusan Bogunovic will be the ICIS-Luminex Mid-Career Award winner will present on Inborn Errors of Autoinflammation

Dusan Bogunovic has been selected as the 2023 ICIS-LUMINEX JOHN R. KETTMAN AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN INTERFERON & CYTOKINE RESEARCH MID-CAREER, in recognition for his seminal discoveries in the field of cytokine biology and his remarkable international reputation as an immunologist and geneticist with a focus on inborn disorders of the immune system, especially concerning the JAK/STAT pathway. Professor Bogunovic be presented with his award at the Cytokines 2023 Opening Session on Sunday, October 15th at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athen, and will give an invited talk on “Inborn Errors of Autoinflammation” at the meeting.