Poster Presentation Guidelines


If you are unable to present your poster, you are kindly requested to contact the organising office immediately at [email protected].


Digital Copy Center
Tel: +30 210 7232 572
Email: [email protected]


Only posters in portrait format can be mounted.
The usable surface on the poster board will be 96 cm width x 2.4 m height.
Only adhesive tape can be used to mount posters. Material will be available onsite.
When presenting data and health information (including photos) all presenters must have informed consent compliant with human subjects and applicable regulations and comply with GDPR.

Posters should stimulate discussion, not give a long presentation. Therefore, keep text to a minimum, emphasize graphics and make sure every item is necessary.
Include the title of your presentation. The ICIS will not post the abstract titles on poster boards.

The lettering of the poster heading should be at least 2.5 cm high. Detailed information can be provided in a smaller size but remember that your text must be easily readable from distances of at least 1 meter.

If you wish, you may include a QR code to a handout on the poster Please do not give away printed handouts to help the organizer to reduce the amount of paper at the congress. You may also wish to provide contact information on your poster.
Your headshot photograph on the poster may facilitate contacts during the congress.

For additional assistance in preparing your poster, there are a number of excellent resources available online. For more information, type “scientific poster preparation guidelines” into your internet search engine.


All presenters have been informed about their poster session allocation and details (poster presentation number, poster session, etc.) via email on August 25, 2023. In case you did not receive the email please contact the organising office.

Poster Session 1 – discussions: Monday, October 16, 16:30 – 18:00

    Posters will be on display on Monday, October 16 from 08:00-18:00

    Poster mounting: Monday, October 16 as of 07:30

    Poster removal:  Monday, October 16 from 18:00-19:00

Please note that posters not removed until Monday, October 16 at 20:00 hrs EEST will be taken down and will not be stored or sent to the authors after the meeting.

Poster Session 2 – discussions: Tuesday, October 17, 18:30-20:00

    Posters will be on display on Tuesday, October 17 from 08:00-20:00

    Poster mounting: Tuesday, October 17as of 07:30

    Poster removal: Tuesday, October 17 from 20:00-21:00

Please note that posters not removed until Tuesday, October 17, 21:00 will be taken down and will not be stored or sent to the authors after the congress.

Poster Session 3 – discussions: Wednesday, October 18, 12:30-14:30

    Posters will be on display on Wednesday, October 18 from 08:00-14:30

    Poster mounting: Wednesday, October 18 as of 07:30

    Poster removal: Wednesday, October 18 from 14:30-15:30

Please note that posters not removed until Wednesday, October 18, 17:30 will be taken down and will not be stored or sent to the authors after the congress.

Please note that the organisers cannot assume any liability for loss or damage of posters displayed in the poster area.


ICIS Annual Meeting Organizing Office – Vienna Medical Academy

Dr. Jasenko Selimovic

E: [email protected]

T: +43 1 405 1383 27

Office hours: Mon-Thu 08:30-16:30 / Fri: 08:30-14:30